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The Conversation

First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming support of the launch of my first book, “We’re All Doing Our Best.” God’s grace and love have shined through so many of you this week, and my heart is overjoyed knowing that the book is pointing others towards Christ. Above all things, that is my sincere goal. Thank you so much!

This week, my Hebrew instructor gave me the book “The Conversation: An Intimate Journal of the Emmaus Encounter“ by Judy Salisbury. Although it is a short read, this book packs a powerful punch. It gives a realistic portrayal of what the walk with Jesus described in Luke 24 might have looked like. It starts with the two men having a conversation, and then a random stranger (who we already know to be Jesus) comes up and starts discussing the events that had just taken place on Calvary. This book does an excellent job of connecting the dots to prove that the prophets had predicted the crucifixion of Jesus hundreds of years before the events actually took place. What I love most about their journey in this story is that they were blinded to the fact they were indeed walking with Jesus the whole time. How many times have I done this in my own life? How many times have I not realized that the events taking place were divinely inspired? Only when I look back later do I realize He was with me the whole time. God has given us His Word so that we may have Him with us in our hearts. He has made numerous promises to us that He will indeed fulfill. If I was to spend more time reading His word instead of caring about my own plans, then how much more would I recognize that He is here with me all of the time?

Immediately after realizing it was Jesus, they run back to tell their friends. That’s what a personal encounter with Jesus will do. You can’t keep it secret. You just have to share it. That is what I am attempting to do with my book. To joyfully share what my open eyes now see. If you get a chance, check out Judy’s book as well as my own.

Have a blessed week. Shalom.

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