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Launch Day!

This moment seems surreal. Today was the official launch date for “We’re All Doing Our Best“ heart is about to burst with gratitude. I never thought this moment would arise, and now it Is here. I am just overwhelmed with all the support and love my friends have shown. Words cannot express how grateful I am to God for this gift. He has gifted me with my sobriety and a second chance at life after I screwed things up. He’s given me the opportunity to use my mistakes to help others who are struggling in those areas. He’s gifted me with a heart that is on fire for Him, and faith beyond my understanding. We are never too far gone for Him to redeem us.

WIX is still fixing the forums page (31 days later), but when it is His time it will be ready. Thank you all for your patience. Most importantly, I would life to take the time to thank everyone who has been supportive in this adventure. I am storing up this moment in my heart for the days when life seems dark. I pray that the words of this book will lead people to Jesus so He can restore what’s broken. God bless you all, and thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Thank you to the office of Dr. McFarland and his office ”Staph”. I appreciate you all more than you have know. Much love (and many prayers for Cindy to keep the Dr. in line lol)

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